Mt.FUJI100 2024 YouTube LIVE【Tonight at 20:00】

We will be holding a LIVE event on our official YouTube channel today to provide you with more details about the Mt.FUJI100 2024

 YouTube LIVE (Japanese)

Date : 20:00-21:00 November 8, 2023 (JST)
Channel Name: Mt.FUJI100
Click here for YouTube LIVE

1.About joining the International Trail Running Race Series
2.November 8, Current Entry Status
3.November 8, Announcement of changes to competition rules, etc.
(Revision of essential items: detailed map, taping tape, insurance card (copy))
4.Strengthening of safety management
(1. Introduction and recommendation of Kokoheli and its rental on the day of the event / 2. Introduction of IBUKI GPS rental for the event)
5.Question and answer session

   *After the LIVE is over, it will be available on the official YouTube channel.