Eligibility FUJI100mi runners who plan to receive personal support at designated aid stations.
Application period From noon, Tuesday, January 9 to 23:59, Tuesday, January 16, 2024 (JST)
How to apply Application form will be sent to FUJI100mi runners via email.
Announcement of
lottery results
Monday, January 22, 2024
Payment Method Eligible participants will be notified by e-mail.
Fee 3,000 JPY (also required: payment processing fee)
Capacity 500 applicants (lottery system)
Items provided by
the organizer
(Shipped in advance to
residents in Japan)

1.Supporter bib

You need to wear a provided supporter bib when you enter the support area to support your runner. Only one registered supporter is allowed to support a runner in the support area.

2.Supporter parking pass

Supporters can use parking lots at the following aid stations without fee: One parking pass will be issued per supporter.
F2 Fumoto Available period: Friday, April 26, 2024
F3 Shojiko Available period: Friday, April 26, 2024
F4 Fuji Hokuroku Park Available period: Friday, April 26, 2024
F6 Yamanakako Available period: Friday, April 26 to Saturday, April 27, 2024

Supporter bag (approximately 70 liters with a zipper)

Starting this year, a personal supporter is allowed to bring in only one supporter bag to the support area, regardless of the number of runners to support. When you enter the support area, the bag must be closed with a zipper.
Please note that you are not allowed to bring in any other luggage.

Cautions and requests

This race is actively committed to the preservation of the natural environment. If anyone violates the following rules or instructions given by the organizer in accordance with the rules, the person may be asked to leave the race area, or any runners associated with the person may be disqualified or receive penalty of extra one hour, three hours, or six hours added to his/her race time. Participation in future races may also be denied

Environmental Protection

  • You must stay on the trails at all times. Stepping off the trails or taking shortcuts around corners and switchbacks is strictly prohibited.
  • Picking up or damaging plants, animals, fungi, and rocks found along the race course and other race areas are prohibited.
  • Do not throw out garbage along the course or at the aid stations. All garbage must be carried home with you.
  • Please use toilets located at aid stations. In case of an emergency, use a disposable toilet and dispose of it at home.
  • In order to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, we highly recommend that you use public transportation or carpool when coming to the race area.

Aid Stations & Supporter Rules

  • Personal supporters need to submit applications in advance (deadline: January 16, 2024).
  • We will ship the following items required for registered personal supporters.
    1.Supporter bib
    2.Supporter parking pass
    3.Supporter bag
  • One supporter can submit an application to provide support for multiple runners.
  • Personal support is allowed within designated areas of each aid station. No personal support is allowed in the KAI. Aid stations in which personal supporters are allowed are F2 Fumoto, F3 Shojiko, F4 Fuji Hokuroku Park and F6 Yamanakako.
  • Personal supporters are allowed to enter and provide support for runners only within designated support areas. Only runners are allowed to enter the aid sections provided by the organizer.
  • Only one personal supporter per runner is allowed to enter the personal support area and provide support, regardless of the number of registered supporters. When multiple supporters are found to be providing support to a runner, the runner may receive penalties such as disqualification or penalty time.
  • Runners themselves need to go to the aid section and pick up food and beverages provided by the organizers. Supporters are not allowed to bring in any equipment or tools other than those that fit inside one supporter bag (70 liters) provided by the race organizer.
  • The race organizer will set up toilets and lights within the supporter area for supporters. The support areas may be in an outdoor area without a roof. Supporters should bring their own rainwear/outdoor gear to protect themselves from bad weather.
  • The designated support area will be shared by many supporters. Do not occupy a space long before your runner arrives. Be sure to share the support area with other supporters.
  • Check the runner tracking update on the official race website during the race and estimate what time your runner will arrive. Then enter the support area about 30 minutes before the estimated arrival time.
  • Once your runner leaves the aid station, you also need to leave the support area so that other supporters can use the space.
  • Supporters are not allowed to take the food or beverage provided by the organizer.
  • Supporters may not run alongside runners.
  • Supporters are prohibited from providing medical treatment for runners.
  • Supporters must carry all their garbage back home with them. Garbage cannot be left at the aid stations.
  • Fire is strictly prohibited at the aid station F6 Yamanakako.
  • Open flame is not allowed at F2 Fumoto and F3 Shojiko. Only gas stove for camping and hikers can be used.
  • Tents, tarps, and flags are not allowed at F3 Shojiko, F6 Yamanakako, as they are within the national park.
  • Supporters must not shout or make loud noises when cheering on runners when they are in towns and near residential areas. Noise can be uncomfortable and stressful to local residents.
  • You cannot drive to aid stations where personal support is not allowed (F1 Fujinomiya, F3 Motosuko, F5 Oshino, F7 Nijyumagari, F8 Fujiyoshida). Cheering in these aid stations is also prohibited.


  • NEVER park your car illegally because it will cause a great inconvenience to local residents.
  • If you come to the finish area at Fuji Hokuroku Park by car, be sure to park your car at designated place. Illegal parking around Fuji Hokuroku Park is strictly prohibited.
  • Aid stations with personal support areas have designated parking areas for supporters. Please see the Parking page of the official website for the locations of the parking.
  • You cannot drive to aid stations where personal support is not allowed (F1 Fujinomiya, F5 Oshino, F7 Nijyumagari, F8 Fujiyoshida)

Cheering in these aid stations is also prohibited. It is not only the race headquarters but also volunteers, runners, supporters, and fans who create and operate this race. Please observe the manners and rules and make the Mt.FUJI100 a world-class event. We also ask for your consideration so as not to cause any trouble to local residents and their facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Personal Support

Who applies for personal support?

Runner who want to provide the personal support should submit the application.

Is it okay to register multiple supporters to provide personal support to one runner?

Yes. However, only one supporter per runner is allowed to enter the support area and provide support. Also, one supporter can bring in one supporter bag to the support area.

Can one personal supporter support more than one runner?

Yes. Please note, however, that each supporter is allowed to bring in only one supporter bag to the personal support area, regardless of the number of runners you register to support.

Can I bring family members who are not registered supporters to the support area?

This is allowed only under unavoidable circumstances, such when you have to be with preschool age children. For more detail, please contact the race headquarters. Please note that non-registered supporters may be asked to leave the support area if the race staff determine that they are interfering with the operation of the race.

Can I let my runner to take a nap in my car during personal support?

No. Runners are not allowed to take a nap outside the designated nap area or the support area.

Is there a shuttle bus for supporters that goes around the support areas?

No. There will be no buses that go around the support areas.