What do I need to apply for in advance?

Parking (Advance reservation required*. Fee: FUJI100mi 3,000 yen / KAI70k 2,000 yen)
* Reservation can only be made at the time of your race entry application.
Baggage (Advance reservation required. Fee: FUJI100mi 1,500 yen / KAI70k 1,000 yen)
Personal supporter (Advance reservation/registration required. Fee: FUJI100mi 3,000 yen / No personal supporter system is available for KAI70k.)
Access bus
Transportation to hotels

You can make reservations for the above services.
Please check their details carefully before making a reservation.
Details will be announced as they become available.
Please check them in the NEWS releases or individual websites.

Is there a parking lot for runners?

Yes. If you want to use a parking lot during the race period, please apply for it along with your race entry application. The parking lot at the runner check-in venue will be free on Wednesday, April 24 and Thursday, April 25, 2024. The parking spaces are limited. We encourage racers and supporters use carpooling and public transportation.

Are there any parking lots besides the ones dedicated for the race?

Yes. You can use the Fuji-Q Highland parking (free for the first 90 minutes or 1,500 to 3,000 yen per day) and other paid parking lots nearby. Please NEVER park on the street or park illegally.

Are there parking spaces for spectators at aid stations?

No. Parking spaces at aid stations are open only to personal supporters while they are visiting designated aid stations.

Can I check my luggage?

All racers can check their luggage.
luggage check will require FUJI100mi 1,000 yen KAI70k 500 yen fee and a prior reservation.

What precautions should I take regarding private support (applicable only to the FUJI100mi)?

The private support for the Mt.FUJI100 will require prior registration and fee. No private support is allowed in the KAI70K. Details regarding private support will be announced as soon as they are finalized.

Can I boil water in a private support area? Are there areas where the use of fire is prohibited?

The following are aid stations where personal support is allowed and use of fire (gas burners, etc.) is allowed.

F2 Fumoto
F3 Fuji Kawaguchiko Shojiko

Hot water will be available for racers at each aid station.

Do I have to be wearing the required gears?

No, you are not required to be wearing the required gears all the time during the race. You can keep them in your backpack and use them when needed. You will be disqualified or penalized if you are not carrying all the required gears during the race, even when only one gear is missing. Racers may be asked to go through an equipment check during the race.

I understand that the race organizer will send emergency information to phone numbers of the racers during the race. But I am thinking of turning off my mobile phone during the race. Are racers obligated to receive SMS at a certain location?

There will be no designated location where racers are required to receive SMS. Please keep your mobile phone on all the time throughout the race. Also, please do not put your phone on airplane mode. This is because you need to receive emergency information from the race organizer regarding deteriorating weather, earthquake, and other conditions that may cause discontinuation of the race.

A mobile phone is one of the required gears, but the battery will not last for two days in mountains. So I plan to turn off my mobile phone during the race. Will there be any problem with this?

Please keep the power of your mobile phone on throughout the race by carrying spare batteries or portable chargers, because the race organizer will send emergency information to your mobile phone.

Can I use an empty plastic bottle or a plastic bottle cut in half as a portable cup?

You can use plastic bottle as a portable cup as long as it holds 150 cc of liquid or more. However, when using a bottle, be sure to bring it back and dispose of it at your home.
Glass bottles are not allowed.

Can I use Ziploc bags (or similar plastic bags) as portable toilets?

You can use Ziploc bags or similar plastic bags as portable toilets as long as the contents would not leak in your backpack or in trash bins at aid stations.

Where can I buy a portable toilet?

The EXPO (with shops that sell race-related goods) will be held on the day of the race. Portable toilets will be sold at the shops in the EXPO.
There will be no sales at the start venues(FUJI100mi / Fujisan Kodomo-no-kuni).

What is a photo ID?

A photo ID is a government-issued identification card with a photo, such as a driver's license, passport, or individual number card.
Even with a photo, an employee ID, gym membership card, or other IDs issued by non-government organizations is not acceptable.

Please be sure to present your photo ID when you pick up your racer bib to confirm your identity.

If you do not have a photo ID, the race organizer will send you a racer identification form by e-mail.
Please contact us at info-english@mtfuji100.com in March and on.

* You do not require the racer identification form if you have a government-issued photo ID.

Can I use vending machines or convenience stores if I find them along the race course?

Yes, you can use vending machines and convenience stores along the course.
However, you are not allowed to stay off the course to use vending machines or convenience stores.

Is hot water available at each aid station?

Yes. Please ask aid station staff for hot water.

Is there water available at the aid stations to fill my own water bottles?

Yes, there is. We have plenty of water available at aid stations.

Are there any facilities for napping at the finish area?

There will be no napping space or facility at the finish area.
We strongly recommend that racers reserve hotel rooms during the race period.