About baggage deposit

Prior application is required for baggage storage during the convention.
Please read the following information carefully before applying for baggage storage.

Please note that the application period is short, so please be careful not to forget to apply.

Application period:From 10:00, Monday, March 11 to 10:00, Thursday, March 21, 2024 (JST)
Eligibility: FUJI 100mi and KAI 70k athletes
Fee: FUJI 1,500 JPY KAI 1,000 JPY (tax included, fees not included)
Provided items: plastic bags (90cm x 100cm 90L) for baggage deposit, baggage stickers (distributed with the bib).

Luggage Deposit Area:
Fuji Hokuroku Park Gymnasium <13:00-20:00 on 24th ,9:00-21:30 on 25th>.
Fujisan Parking <19:00 -21:30 on 25th>.
Fujikyu Highland Conifer Forest <19:00-21:30 on 25th>.
Fujisan Kodomonokuni <21:30-23:30 on 25th>.
Please note that you cannot leave your baggage at Fujisan Kodomonokuni, the starting point of the event.
→We will accommodate you to leave your luggage. 

Fuji Hokuroku Park Gymnasium <13:00-23:00 on 26th

Return Area:
FUJI100mi KAI70k common
Fuji Hokuroku Park Gymnasium <-22:00 27th

Luggage drop off Application Form
FUJI100mi https://forms.gle/EC7SYZWSwHEp6cgw5
KAI70k https://forms.gle/k8dtBSRkSHTvyCFU6

Once your luggage is checked in, you will not be able to pick it up until the finish line.
Please put a luggage sticker with your number on it where it can be seen, and tie the plastic bag around the mouth of the bag. (Please tie the plastic bag with a sticker with your number on it.)
Valuables will not be accepted.
If your baggage does not fit into the plastic bag, we will give you a baggage tag on the day of the event.
When you return your baggage, it will be checked against your number card (BIB). Please be sure to bring your number card (BIB) with you.
Please be sure to pick up your luggage by 22:00 on Sunday, 27th.