Announcement of Race Venue Circulation Bus Launch

The Race Venue Circulation Bus, a bus that circulates between Hokuroku Park and the surrounding stations, will go on sale today at 17:00.
Please apply for it if you plan to use the bus.


* Same-day bus passes are also available for purchase throughout the race period.
 The same-day pass can be purchased from the website above. At the race venue, the bus pass will also be available for purchase at the main parking area of Fuji Hokuroku Park starting from 11:00 AM on Wednesday, April 24. The bus pass will be available for purchase during the bus service hours.

◆Bus route

Race Shuttle Bus Route Map (Main parking of Fuji Hokuroku Park - Mt.Fuji Station - Kawaguchiko Station - Fujikyu Highland Bus Stop - Main parking of Fuji Hokuroku Park)

◆Race Shuttle Bus Fare

One day Pass 500 yen(including tax, additional processing fee required)
* Purchase a one-day pass for each day during the race period from April 24 to 27.
* Please present the one-day pass on your smartphone to the bus driver when boarding the bus.

Bus schedule

* Detailed timetable will be announced before the race. 
* The last bus to depart on Wednesday, April 24, and Thursday, April 25, will follow a different route, departing from the main parking area of Fuji Hokuroku Park. (Main parking of Fuji Hokuroku Park → Fuji-Q Highland Highway Bus Station → Kawaguchiko Station → Mt. Fuji Station)

Wednesday, April 24: Buses will run from 11:30 AM  (departure from Mt. Fuji Station)to 9:30 PM,with one bus departing approximately every hour.

Thursday, April 25:Buses will run from 7:30 AM (departure from Mt. Fuji Station) to 9 PM,departing approximately every hour.

Friday, April 26: Buses will run from 11:15 AM(departure from Mt. Fuji Station) to 10 PM,departing approximately every hour.

Saturday, April 27:Buses will run from 6 AM (departure from the main parking of Fuji Hokuroku Park) to 9:45 PM,departing approximately every two hours.

* Bus departure and arrival times are approximate and subject to change.
* The bus pass purchase application will start around early Februaly 2024 on the official website.