World Trail Majors announces €47,000 in cash prizes

The World Trail Majors series will be held for the first time in 2024 and it is time to announce the prizes for the top finishers in overall categories.

€47,000 in total cash prizes
World Trail Majors aims to attract the biggest and best elite runners, and to do so it intends to reward their efforts with substantial cash prizes as well as the possibility of free registration and covered travel expenses. The sum, in cash prizes alone, amounts to €47,000.

The distribution of cash prizes is as follows for overall Male and Female rankings:

1st place: €12,000
2nd place: €6,000
3rd place: €3,000
4th place: €1,500
5th place: €1,000

The prize fund is equal for male and female categories and will be distributed at the end of the season, which will conclude its first year at the RMB Ultra-Trail Cape Town in South Africa in November 2024.

To qualify for cash prizes, only the two best results of the season will be considered, regardless of the number of races the runner participates in. All runners who finish a race will be part of the overall World Trail Majors ranking and will therefore be eligible for prizes. The final prizes of the World Trail Majors series are not related to the prizes offered by each race and are therefore in addition to those of the individual races themselves.

About World Trail Majors

World Trail Majors is a non-profit association formed by nine independent trail running race organizers with the aim of promoting the sport in a diverse, sustainable, and respectful manner, seeking to safeguard the original spirit of trail running. The association includes Anta Hong Kong 100 Ultramarathon, Black Canyon Ultras, The North Face Transgrancanaria, Mt.FUJI 100, MIUT - Madeira Island Ultra-Trail, Swiss Canyon Trail, South Downs Way, Quebec Mega Trail, and RMB Ultra-Trail Cape Town, and the series kicks off in 2024.