Report on the status of entries received (as of November 8, 14:00)

We are pleased to report the status of entries received since November 1.
Thank you very much for the many entries already received.

Donation-based Entry (FUJI100mi) has been closed due to reaching the maximum number of entries.
Regular Entry (KAI70k) will be selected by lottery since the number of entries has exceeded the capacity.

General Entry: Domestic 1531/International 145, Total 1676 (Capacity: 2300)
Donation Entry: 103 people (Capacity: 100 ) *Finished.

General Entry: Domestic 976/International 310 Total: 1286 (Capacity: 740)
Donation entries: 28 (Capacity 60)

 Entry will close at 23:59 on Sunday, November 19.
Please be sure not to miss the deadline.